Apple’s iOS 7 Beta 2 To Feature On The Go Integration, Car?

Apple has finally released iOS 7.1 Beta 2 to developers, followed by the details have been revealed about its release of mobile OS. The iOS 7.1 provides support for Apple’s iOS in the car which is designed for compatible makers like BMW, Honda and Mini in the coming year for the next generation car buyers.

Soon in the next year, we have the new Honda Civic coming up with the iOS integration for the next gen vehicles including the Honda Fit of 2015. For all the smartphone customers the iOS in the car is featured to permorm all the smartphone function hands free on the move. the Siri, iMessages, Phonebook, playing music, a navigation are all supported in the feature followed by the updates. These services are scheduled and supposedly are to be available in the market by starting early 2014.

iOS 7

Couple of companies pioneering in this technology are Honda Link and Display Audio which are integrating the functionality of the smartphone use in the car on the move, hands free.  Followed by the iOS platform, companies like Honda Link would work on to support Google’s Android platform through Honda Link.

Update: As noted by 9to5Mac, iOS 7.1 may add support for iOS in the Car, which is designed to provide enhanced iOS integration in compatible automobiles. In the second beta, iOS 7.1 includes a “Car Display” toggle in the Restrictions Settings panel, along with additional iOS in the Car references, suggesting that iOS in the Car could come in early 2014.


iOS 7.1 Beta 2

We are waiting for the next update too, to check when these services are actually been open to use. To know more about the above technology get back to and please share your experiences.