Apple Vs. Microsoft: INFOGRAPHIC on The History of Computing

INFORGHRAPHIC: Microsoft Vs. Apple –  The History of Computing Between Apple and Microsoft, covers the life of both Apple and Microsoft ever since the infamous 1984 ad Campiagn, when Apple launched to promote their brand with new Macintosh Computer.

According to the Redmondpie , their boys have branched out into all kinds of areas of Microsoft Technology, since Microsoft has become the mammoth Company, that is today by cornering the Business Computing Market with Windows Operating System and MS Office Suite of Applications.

The areas of Technology with the Xbox 360 Console Games, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 Mobile OS and Zune Music Store covered by Redmondpie Boys.

Where Apple hasn’t stood still, but now with the major Players in Mobile Technology, like Apple iOS Devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and also revolutionized the Music Industry with its iTunes Music Store.

This is the INFOGRAPHIC of Apple Vs. Microsoft History on Computing, is according to Redmondpie, and Thanks to them. Image Credit – Manolution