iOS 7 Running Apple TV Concept With Curved Display [Photos]

Yet another year is closing, means that we’ll have gone another twelve months without an Apple Television being released. No worry, chances are still alive that Apple will probably come as too much of shock to those who don’t spend their days with their heads in the clouds. No matter, Apple hasn’t announced its own Set top-box (TV) yet, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have some fun. Martin Hajek has teamed up with user interface designer Andrew Ambersino to develop an impressive Apple TV concept, Check it out after this fold!

Both Martin and Andrew knows how to come up with concepts of hardware, while the latter knows how to make software out of pretty much nothing, but you’ll get an innovative look at whay Apple could create if it did indeed decide to bring its own television to the market.

The concept is purely based on expectation that the TV set would run an operating system that both closely resembles iOS 7 and takes some cues from the Mac, with the notifications in particular remind us of iMessage integration, which we see in Mavericks, for instance.

This creation isn’t the first from Hajek, he already posted a 3D design for an Apple television with curved concept.

“iPhones, iPads and even iWatches – been there, rendered that. So I figured it was about time to have a small update on the iTV concept which I created with iCreate magazine earlier this year.

The 3D model is available for purchase here. Notably, a report from earlier today claimed that Apple has delayed the launch of the Apple TV to focus on wearable devices due to difficulties in negotiations for content.”

Ambrosino has uploaded a UI design on top of a Samsung TV. The designer who recently posted an iOS 7 update of OS X concept, which he published his ideas for an Apple TV UI.

Here’s a concept I’ve been working on for an Apple TV User Interface. And yes I know, it’s a Samsung TV so it can’t be a “real” Apple TV / iTV concept– but unfortunately I just lack the skill for hardware.

So here it is in all its glory– taking cues from the new iOS while offering a market of third party apps, video chat, Siri, etc. Let me know what you think!

Here the most compelling thing about the work done by Hajek in particular is the fact that the hardware features a larger screen with a considerable curve to it, which looks awesome. Concepts are imaginations and creations, I mean ideas before the biggies produce such equation not only to want to sit in front of it to watch a movie.

Hajek says:

When I stumbled upon Andrew Ambrosino’s cool Apple TV UI concept my first thought was how cool it would be to combine it with my own Apple TV design. As I am in no way a graphic designer and even less so an User Interaction designer I figured this would be a win-win situation. Luckily Andrew agreed :-)

Taking iOS7 to the big screen is not a simple matter of scaling up iOS – I like the way this concept UI makes use of simple elements of iOS7 yet manages to make it look good on a huge 46″ ‘canvas’.”

Although, the year 2013 is almost over, but it doesn’t mean that the rumors and speculations will stop. We’re expecting the rumors to continue throughout 2014, and in fact they’ll obviously never stop once Apple launches the TV set that everyone seems so sure will materialize. Alleged photos of purported Apple products will arrive, like iPhone 6 with curved display and now with iPhone 6c with curved screen. Stay tuned!


Would you want to see a curved Apple Television, runs iOS 7? (Source: MartinHajek)