Apple To Reportedly Launch iWatch With Wireless Charging In October 2014

Rumors these days are frequent and this new according to the Chinese website C Technology reports, Apple may launch its unannounced smartwatch, dubbed iWatch alongside the next iPhone in October next year. Although we’re been hearing a great deal about Apple’s iWatch – supposed smartwatch endeavors, with reports earlier suggested that up to 100 members of staff had been assigned as a dedicated team tasked with building the foundations of a project. On, naturally suspected to be called the iWatch, will be making its awy to the market later next year, and which would be the first piece of Cupertino’s hardware – unless another product arrives between now and then – to feature a wireless charger.

The Chinese blog C Technology suggests that Apple’s iWatch will finally be unveiled in October 2014, alongside the new iPhone Air or iPhone 6 or iPhone 6c or 6s. The report also claims that Apple is currently testing two iWatch prototypes, but hasn’t decided on the screen size of the device yet.

Seeing as the iPhone has been released in September for the past two years, this report would represent a slight shift in the Cupertino calender, and with iPads having also become accustomed to an October unveil, it will be interesting to see, with the purported introduction of the alleged iWatch, how everything shapes up.

Currently, things are still at the prototype stage, with Apple unable to make a call on the eventual display size of the smart-device. Aforementioned that there would be two different display sizes – one for female and other for males. If this new conjunction has any kind of legitimacy, those aspersions were almost certainly useless; not that anybody held the claims in very much regard.

Literally, the models Apple is current working on are said to be packing a 100mAh battery, seems to be too small as wearable devices like the iWatch need to offer days of battery life rather than just a few hours like the iPhone or iPad. But the battery which will not only charge wirelessly, but also be able to recharge from up to 1 meter away from its source. For example; if you’re in place your charging hub next to your keyboard, charging could be a seamless, passive action that doesn’t actually require you to keep taking it off and putting it back again.


By comparison, the Galaxy Gear’s battery capacity is more than treble that of those iWatch prototypes and yet, has still drawn criticism of poor retention from early adopters; the few that there are such as Pebble Smartwatch, and on. Earlier this year, a report surfaced claiming that Apple to use iOS was resulting in battery life issues as the iWatch prototypes were running of battery in couple of days where it was all set for 4 to 5 days. Wireless charging in iWatch would be a great deal.

That said, we’re still pretty excited, so stay tuned to for more iWatch-related news as it hits the blog-sphere! (Source: C Technology [Google Translate])