Apple Reportedly To Offer iTunes App Store With Free Downloadable Content

In order to gain iPhone sales, Apple will be releasing a new redesigned version of its Apple Store application for the iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod touch next week. According to the report, the update will apparently include a revamped interface and a handful of great features, including free iTunes content that can be downloaded via App Store.

Although, it’s said to be part of Tim Cook’s goal to push iPhone sales up directly from Apple’s direct sales channels. Albeit slight, marks the integration of a major new feature in the App Store app and one of the best feature comes in the form of downloadable content.

It’s clarified that Apple is prepping its official App Store app early next week with a small yet ultimately significant interface change. Essentially, the upcoming update enables the Apple Store app to promote content from the iTunes App Store and iBookstore. How? Simple, by offering certain premium items from those stores free for a limited time period.


The scoop posted by the source 9to5Mac report claims:

The company, on Tuesday, July 23rd, will release an updated version of its Apple Store application for iPhone and iPod touch, according to a source with knowledge of the app. The new app has been redesigned to fit more in line with the user-interface of the App Store, iTunes Store, and iBookstore in iOS 6.”

Apparently, the plan is not only to get the app installed on as many device’s as possible so that more consumers are exposed to the company’s choice of products…! Like, “when a new iOS Device is sold, Apple employees will be encouraged to install the new Apple Store app on the newly purchased device,” as a way of increasing the number of Apple customers who are aware of the Apple Store app. Interesting about the Apple Store app, there are only 20% of customers know about it at this point.


Although, the Apple Store application was updated earlier this year with a push notification feature that will alert users when they become eligible for an iPhone upgrade. This will be a newer way to engage more customers, which Apple is working on today.

Free content download? For example, if any puzzle game Color Zen, which originally costs $0.99, after installing the Apple Store app it will be made available as a free of charge download from the redesigned Store app. Innovative way toward pushing iPhone sales directly from Apple Retail.

Last but not least, this Store app is purely designed for the iPhone and iPod touch but nonetheless compatible with iPad or iPad mini, however, in the coming days that will be updated and made available in the App Store for free.

The new Apple Store app update is scheduled to land on Tuesday, goes live on July 23rd. The same day that Apple is posting its financials for the June quarter. Stay tuned!