Apple Reportedly Planning To Bring Music Identification Feature To iOS

According to Bloomberg indication, Apple is working on a song-identification feature within iOS firmware, in an effort to continue building out its Music offering to combat streaming services and declining iTunes sales. Full details about it can be checked  after this fold!

Partnering with Shazam, Apple is planning to bring all new music identification feature to iOS platform, powered by Shazam – a third-party service on the App Store that allows users to press a button and recognize music and media playing around them.On the iPhone and iPad in a future iOS update, users will be able to identify songs and artists without having to download any other application.

How? Shazam’s popular app for iOS can then quickly determine which song is playing using the built-in microphone. Since, Apple has been working to build out its Music offerings, over the past years, following increased competition from streaming services including Spotify, Pandora, and RDIO, where the iTunes sales have been on the decline, reason why Apple introduced iTunes Radio in iOS 7 and also revamped the user interface of the Music app.

Bloomberg also notes that Apple is all set to preview the latest version of its mobile operating system, codenamed ‘iOS 8’, at WWDC 2014 in June. Not defined on which software update specifically this identification feature will launch with, but it sounds likely to come with iOS 8 release.

Several other reports have already pegged that Apple to debut a dramatic overhaul of its iTunes Music Store, as iTunes Radio has been a bit of flop. Apple is making attempts to boost the performance of iTunes as downloads have recently slowed. Reports already surfaced that Apple may even move to the subscription based model or release an iTunes app for Android either.

Expected: Launching such song-identification feature would reportedly help Apple, drive sales to its iTunes music store, and if any iOS user liked a song, they can easily and quickly launch the Music app, identify it, and then Apple would prompt the user to go buy it.

Notably, other song-identifier apps, such as Shazam and SoundHound, may push users to launch songs through streaming apps – driving traffic away from Apple.

How Song-Identification works with Apple and Shazam in the near future on iOS

The song-identification feature will be integrated into the mobile software in the same way that Twitter Inc. (TWTR)’s service is currently incorporated, meaning consumers don’t need to separately download it. Among the ways it can be used will be through Apple’s voice-activated search feature, Siri. An iPhone user will be able to say something like “what song is playing,” to find out the tune’s details, one person said. The song-matching feature could boost Shazam, whose app was an early hit and has steered millions of song downloads through iTunes.

Right now about this topic; it’s said that Apple has built a music streaming service internally, but isn’t releasing it as of yet.

What do you think about Shazam built right into the Music app on iOS, isn’t it great? Share your thoughts on Apple to Partner With Shazam to Bring Music Identification Feature to iOS for good or bad?

You cannow download Shazam for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from the iTunes App Store for free.