Apple Predicted To Launch iPhone 5 At WWDC This June

Apple is readying to go for a launch of the iPhone 5 at the companies Worldwide Developers Conference that will be held in coming June. The Chinese-language Commercial Times has quoted Daiwa Securities as indicating that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled at WWDC 2012 this June for a summer launch, reports DigiTimes.

Apple in 2011 has decided that it would break the regular launch pattern for the anticipated iPhone and deviate from the traditional june reveal. Following the fall launch of its widely popular iPhone 4S last year, Apple reportedly plans to its summer unveiling schedule and launch the 5th-generation iPhone during its WDC in June.

According to Digitimes report:

The iPhone 5 will continue to utilize glass to glass (G/G) touch panel technology which will benefit current touch panel suppliers TPK Holding and Wintek, the paper quoted the securities house as saying.

From Forbes:

This is not exactly a startling revelation, but noteworthy nonetheless. Expect the rumor mill to start spinning into overdrive as WWDC gets closer.

The really interesting question is not so much the timing but what the new version will add to the mix: LTE? NFC? A thinner case? A faster processor? Anti-gravity levitation? X-ray vision? Built-in Taser? A rocket-propelled grenade launcher? Just askin

Apple’s next-generation iPhone is expected to feature a completely redesigned case that utilizes a unibody aluminum architecture much like Apple’s iPad.  The smartphone is supposedly feature a larger display that to measure approx 4-inches diagonally.

This follows another report from 9to5Mac which suggested a summer iPhone 5 launch as well. WWDC is expected to take place from June 10th to June 15th this year. iPhone 5 will get Traditional June unveiling at WWDC 2012