Apple is Testing 4G LTE with iOS 5 – iPhone 5 ?

LTE with iOS 5 iPhone – Evidence of a 4G LTE Enabled iPhone Surfaces In iOS 5 Developer Seed as reports from MacRumors. Is Apple serious about bringing LTE to a next-generation iPhone, because, it seems that some of those references have made their way to semi-public iOS 5 seeds.

iPhone 5 with LTE - iPhone 4S

There no any graphical feature pointing to 4G Support in the latest build of iOS 5. But .plist files within the system mentiosn it quite clearly. What are these .plist files ? actually, these are the files used to store preferences or other system related settings and do not perform anything, but being read and written by applications.

The same file was found by BGR last week in an “Internal iOS text build” provided to carriers for Testing :

We’ve since discovered the same LTE plist file in at least the last couple of developer builds of iOS 5. This LTE.plist file was found only in some of the builds (GSM iPhone 4, CDMA iPad 2, but not their counterparts) and it was related to Apple’s internal “Fieldtest” application. It raises the question whether or not the “internal iOS test build” was anything special or if it just mirrored the general developer release.

Rumors that Apple might actually have LTE ready for the Next iPhone (iPhone 5). It would seem that the only hope for an LTE iPhone 5 is if Qualcomm was able to accelerate production of its second generation chipset.

Apple Testing 4G LTE with iPhone iOS 5 ?


Where talking about 3G Data, that works well and delivers results for the majority of users from the Mobile Phone (Devices), but Wifi is powerful and speed than the 3G. This is why many Mobile device makers and Phone Carriers have invested on Networks through Technologies like LTE, which can be as much as 10 times faster than the regular 3G Data transfer.

If Apple release the Next iPhone (5) with 4G LTE Cpable in the next few months, then this will be very useful to the users to get a great advantage to consume great amounts of data while on the Go. What do you think about 4G LTE on iPhone 5 and with iOS 5 ? via 2