Apple To Release iOS 7.1 In March 2014?

This latest report comes from 9to5Mac, suggesting that the launch date of iOS 7.1 will indeed set to all iOS users in March this year. In December, similar to this report also indicated that Apple would release its first significant update to iOS  before the end of the company’s Q2.

Although, this new report also claims that, iOS 7.1 won’t contain any “secret changes or features”, instead it will contain user-interface tweaks and bug fixes. Apple reportedly won’t release iOS 7.1 to th public untl March, as this trusted source claims:

Reliable sources say that Apple is currently planning to ship iOS 7.1, the first significant update to iOS 7, in March. The iOS 7.1 update is said to not have any “secret features,” and it will basically be what we have been told to expect by the past five betas: some user-interface tweaks in the Phone app, an improved Calendar app, speed improvements, and numerous bug-fixes.

With that in scene, we can now trust that more confirmation is outed with the Apple’s iOS 7.1 update will launch in March, and by suggesting that it could unveil iOS 7.1 a a media event “which would possibly be centered around the next-generation Apple TV”.

Check them all here. Details on features in past beta releases can be found in our previous beta posts: iOS 7.1 beta 1, beta 2, beta 3, and beta 4.

Last week, Apple has rolled out its fifth beta of iOS 7.1 to the registered developers, and similar to previous betas, beta 5 continued little more than bug fixes. According to the Big Boss Genius (BGR), Apple may be close enough for the release of iOS 7.1 GM and it said that the company will not roll out any other beta version to developers, but jump to the gold master version of iOS 7.1.