Apple iOS 5.1 Beta Still Doesn’t Fix Battery Drain

Apple few days ago released iOS 5.0.1 to fix the iPhone 4S battery drain, but it can’t make it and after checking all those issues, Apple has two days back released the new version of iOS 5.1 beta to the developers for the same battery life issue.

Apple iOS 5.1 Beta Still Doesn’t Fix Battery life

Recent reports are beging to filter through from a few users of Apple’s iOS 5.1 beta. Reporting that this new iOS 5.1 Firmware still doesn’t address the battery drain problem, which the iPhone 4S users are still experiencing.

Apple has rolled out a couple of updates to its iOS software, which have included tweaks to try and solve those issues. But after rolling these out in 5.0.1, users still complained that the problem remained.

Apple’s iOS 5.1 beta breaks the home screen shorcuts, but didn’t help anyone to fix the battery life. According to the Redmondpie, who explained about the new iOS software update through its paces to test the battery drain and explained:

“After a day of testing it would appear that iOS 5.1 is at best no better than iOS 5.0.1 and at worst, it’s, well, worse. The battery issues are still there and there’s no noticeable difference.”

The new Apple release of iOS in the form of 5.1 version is still a beta and by the time the final version rolls out, a new working fix for the battery drain issue will definitely includes. Best of luck for your hopes.