Apple iBeacons Hits U.S. Stores, iOS App Updated For In-Store Notifications For Shopping

A shopping trip with iBeacon, which Apple guides shoppers inside stores with its secret weapons for navigating App Stores, the company began using the technology at its 254 U.S. Apple Stores to send people messages about the products, events and other information. This information isn’t enough, for details you have to continue to the next paragraph. Full details after this fold!

According to the report from the Associated Press, iBeacons, which use low-power Bluetooth transmitters to offer location-aware services to your iPhone, were quietly introduced along with iOS 7, and although many other retailers have integrated this idea of adding beacons to its iOS Stores. Apple rolled it out today, which represents the first major deployment of the Wireless technology.

Apple Updates Apple Store App with Support for iBeacon Systems

Apple however has been working hard over the past year or so to noticeably improve the Apple Retail Store experience, where the Apple Store app has been one that has been greatly enhanced, offering all kinds of free content including a Christmas-themed playlist earlier this week, and now, the iTech giant has launched its iBeacons infrastructure across the entire network in the United States retail stores. iBeacons hubs are settled in various locations allover each Apple Store, and it depends on whereabouts you are at any given time, beam info about certain products within the proximity via the Apple Store app.

The Apple Store iBeacons will work in wheels with the Apple Store app. Providing you have got the application on your phone and have given Apple permission to track you, it’ll attempt to offer an augmented retail experience tailored to your needs. So simple like this, when you walk into the store, the app will enter “in-store mode.” For example, if you are standing beside to the iPhone table you might receive a message asking if you’d like to upgrade your iPhone. Ok, then the app will check your upgrade eligibility and let you know how much you can trade in your old model for. Great!

Apple’s best thinking of such technology is awesome, which is a novel idea and that staff aren’t so stretched when trying to deal with large volumes of consumers though. Indeed, having the Apple Store app installed is the key point, as is allowing said app to push iBeacons notification through to your when you’re roving through an Apple Retail outlet.

Next, the app itself is being silently updated, which means you won’t have to head over to the App Store and push any update through. Yet another example given involves notifications that will automatically bring up your order number as you walk up to a clerk to pick it up. Instead, the minor tweaks will occur passively, and once everything has been set-up, you’ll be able to confidently walk around an Apple Store and cosume all the information you need regarding certain deals, trade-ins and upgrade options without having to scan around for a product.

If you’re a kind of shopper who knows exactly what to purchase and doesn’t want or wish to be swayed by these push notifications, you’ll want to make sure you disable them when prompted after the update. Neverthless, the newly launched tech on interacting with consumers on a more tailored platform will certainly hel Apple to increase sales while also mollify the general satisfaction army of customers.

The AP reports that around 20 iBeacon transmitters have been switched on at Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store in New York City, and if it goes perfectly, we should begin to see iBeacon tech spread across the globe. Where each transmitter adjusted to specific distances, and some of the iBeacons are actual Bluetooth transmitters, and the rest are signals generated by iPad s already installed at the store. Adjusting the strength of the signal however allows Apple to show notifications accurate to exactly where you are standing, which is easy with traditional location systems like GPS, particularly when indoors.

iBeacon is specific only to those in the United States, and if your Apple Store app hasn’t been updated just now, although, Apple is rolling out the upgrade gradually. However, it’s not clear if the Apple Store application will require an update to display iBeacon information or not, but the transmitters are reportedly live in stores today.

(Via TheVerge)