Apple Enables Find my iPhone on with Find my Mac

Find My iPhone/Mac on – Apple has today enabled these two Find My iPhone and Find My Mac features on for Developers . With revamped interface, these device location service has been Enabled, which features a pleasent looking World Map features iPad Style medel popups.

Find My iPhone – Feature allows users to Locate any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that has this service enabled on their Devices and that shows up on the Map as a blue dot. So, that you can pick the Device and Choose to Remote lock it, Remote Wipe it and Send Message or Play Sound.

Find my iPhone/iPad/iPod Topuch on
Find My iPhone Enabled for Developers in iCloud
Find my Mac – Service is also Live for Developers, and Installed the iCloud Beta and Enabled it Under Mac Lion and Show up under the small list as your iDevice.

Where include web apps for Calendars, Contacts, Mail and management of iWork documents. This iCloud services are available for Developers only.