Another Oppo N3 Image Teased With Space-Grey Metal Construction

Although its imminent that the Oppo N3 is launching in October, but the company is not going to miss any opportunity to do some more teasing (advertise) until then. Latest teaser image comes from Oppo’s official Wiebo account and indicate that the N3 will be using some premium materials in its design. Full details after this fold!

Oppo_N3_TeaserImage reads “Built for what may come”. The photo with a satellite pictured on the bottom right, and with Oppo’s description added as well on the photograph says that the phone will be using “aerospace grade metal” in order to strike the balance between lightweight and toughness.

The material which Oppo N3 is built of, allows manufacturing of slimmer panels as well, which makes sense that we can hope it will help keep the gadget under control. This information aligns clearly with the exclusive leak of the handset we shared last week.

Further, we already saw two Oppo N3 official photos showing off the smartphone’s metal clad body like Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Still got no word on specifications, though.

Soon we’ll get to know more about the Oppo N3 specs as the launch date approaches. Mark your Calendars for October 29, when Oppo will debut the N3 in Singapore.