Android Users Are Hastily Switching To iPhone 6, As Per The Reports!

Prior to the latest iPhone 6’s release it was offered by several analysts that Apple’s decision to enlarge the display would not only prompt a record number of upgrades – which pre-order numbers evidently appeared – but also, made Android users rapidly switch to their droves. According to the recent report, quite a few Droidsters have ditched Google’s platform to get iPhone 6 / 6 Plus on iOS 8.

Although, the general sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has yet to commence throughout the world as yet, it’s hard to make any judgement, currently. The report arrives courtesy of Bloomberg, notes that the new iPhone line-up is “fueling a surge in trade-ins of Android-based smartphones, threatening to loosen Samsung’s grip on the large-screen smartphone segment as users switch allegiances.”

Galaxy-Note4-iPhone-6Sammy is obviously the leader in this larger display field, with the Galaxy Note series having been credited with forming the so-called ‘pahblet’ market. With the announcement of the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA earlier this month, Samsung also Unpacked the Galaxy Note 4 Edge, a device with an interesting curved display.

As per the report, trade-ins of Samsung handsets through Gazelle Inc., a smartphone reseller, increased threefold over the past week and notably, “about a quarter of potential iPhone 6 buyers are new to Apple’s ecosystem.”

While the folks at CompareMyMobile, and alternative one found that some 92.35% of iPhone 6 (Plus) buyers were existing iPhone users, with less than 2 percent promptly moving from Samsung and just 4 percent from HTC.


Jumping figures at this far moment is quite difficult to argue the size of the market share Apple is grabbing from Android as a result of its new flow of smartphones. Impact on Android smartphones sale will be seen, and its time for the newly launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, happens everytime and Apple does entice a fair portion of users away from the grip of Google and those who build devices on the search giant’s mobile OS.

Finally, we’ll surely have a better understanding of the line-up’s impact in the coming months and meanwhile, check this 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 benchmark scores here. Stay tuned!

(Source: Bloomberg) (Via)