HP TouchPad Tablet Android Port Updates – 720p HD Video Playback/Sound/WiFi Acceleration

HP TouchPad Android Port (CyanogenMod 7) Updates with H/W Acceleration, WiFi support, Sound Issue Resolved and Playback of 720p HD Video Enabled. CyanogenMod Team has released a Demonstration Video in which they are able to accelerate the Hardware by making use of Both HP TouchPad’s 1.5GHz Cores.

CyanogenMod has also resolved the Sound Issue and also Enabled 720p High Definition (HD) Video Playback, so that you can store it locally on the HP TouchPad Android Tablet or can also be Watched on the YouTube Live Online. This Team has also fixed the WiFi Support with Enabled Accelerometer and Audio System and so on.

Important was the WiFi, Sound Issue, but now they are alled set up, where the Hardware accelerated Video is also now Functional, means smooth Playback of 720p HD Video. CynogenMod teams intention is to provide a Dual-Boot System, capable to Load Android and WebOS 3.0 on HP TouchPad Tablet.

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Watch Demo Video: HP TouchPad Android Tablet Port Update: