Amazon Reportedly Working On 3D-Capable Smartphone, Here Are The Details!

This isn’t the first time Amazon rumored to be setting up itself to introduce a smartphone, capable of having the 3D screens. Heard about the upcoming Amazon smartphone at least once in a while since a year, as a complement to its Kindle e-Reader and Fire tablets. Today, the sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal, reporting that Amazon is actually working on two smartphones, which may also include a 3D display.

Few days back, the reports surfaced that Amazon is developing a wide range of gadgets, and one of the smartphone which will have a 3D screen. In addition to the two smartphone models, Amazon is also said is actually working on a device for streaming music “audio-player”, and a set-top box.


The alleged 3D smartphone will include a glasses-free 3D display, and the device is capable of tracking a user’s retina, causing images to “float” above the screen. While the retina tracking can also be used to take control over the smartphone either.

In the past, we read about the 3D screen cover for iPhone, which actually does the same thing and today’s technology will immediately makes one think of Nintendo’s 3DS. Unlike Nintendo’s glasses-free tech, Amazon smartphone display will reportedly allow a 3D image from all angles.

No surprise to hear about Amazon working on smartphone, but a bit strange to hear news floating on a possible 3D-enabled device. Although, the 3D-technology has had a mixed success at best in the customer point of view in the current technology market. Like Amazon with a smartphone added with a very advanced display could make some difference in the smartphone market.

If the report is accurate, then Amazon will be the first major smartphone makers to introduce a smartphone with 3D capabilities. In the past HTC and LG offered phones that shot and played three-dimensional video and offered glasses-less 3D displays and sported two cameras on the back to compile their pop-out images. Now, it’s time for Amazon with its Kindle 3D smartphone?