Here’s The Preview Of The iPad 3 Mock Video, Reveals Magical Compatibilities

The iPad 3 or called to be the iPad HD or the next iPad will be soon rolling out into the international spotlight, but here’s what you will miss if you haven’t seen this. Whats it is all about?

A magician and performance artist Simon Pierro gets his hands on the “iPad 3″ earlier than anyone else. He is very eager to give us the honor of of premiering his latest video, and its magic too.

According to Mashable:

We’re not sure if you’ll be able to get your new iPad to do the same tricks Simon’s does, nor will you be able to elicit the same reactions from Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. Even so, we’re still wishing the iPad 3 would include Simon’s exclusive helium app.

Featuring a Helium app which allows the device to defy gravity and float like a balloon, Pierro advises “iPad 3” users to keep the dock cable connected – in order to prevent it from flying away. Even if such technology were available, we highly doubt – given Apple’s efforts to oust optical media and wires wherever possible – that the fruit company would treat consumers to it.

Well, he points towards Siri will be on board the iPad 3 or said iPad HD? and this is not the first time Simon has done things such as, a pushed a preview video of iOS exclusively in the past and lots more.

So, watch the iPad 3’s exclusive preview on magical features which reveals magical compatibilities as well.