Always Leaving Your Laptop Plugged In Will Kill Its Battery Life Faster [Fix]

This isn’t unknown to all, but it’s the truth – any electronic gadget, might be Laptops, smartphones, tablets of any manufacturer plugged into the board everytime will definitely kill the power (battery life) efficiancy of such electronics. According to the recent report from the Wired, it’s indeed the fact, you shouldn’t even let your Laptop (Mac, Windows, Linux) charged to 100%. Full details after this break!

This isn’t a benchmark situation, but an helpful notification that warns you and your friends laptops to be more secure, not only privacy, but you device battery life as well. However, this is a simple theory, obviously much harder in practice. What actually the source say about it:

The reason is that each cell in a lithium-polymer battery is charged to a voltage level. The higher the charge percentage, the higher the voltage level. The more voltage a cell has to store, the more stress it’s put under. That stress leads to fewer discharge cycles. For example, Battery University states that a battery charged to 100 percent will have only 300-500 discharge cycles, while a battery charged to 70 percent will get 1,200-2,000 discharge cycles.”

Increase Laptop Battery Life
After reading the aforementioned post, we here come to report, suggesting the timing on how long it takes your device to charge from 40% to 80%, and then setting a timer when you first plug your laptop in to charge the battery cell.

If you happen to remember to follow Buchmann’s advice, then you can give your platop a four times increase in battery life, which would be a significant improvement.