Alleged Windows 9 With All New Start Menu Screenshots Leaked, Shows Off Everything You Need To Know!

In the recent days a news surfaced regarding the Windows 8.1 Update 2, which is to be releasing starting August 12 and today a project widely held to be Windows 9. Release date and how it will differ from Windows 8 is a question. Microsoft made a lot of changes with Windows 8, but many desktop users have never gotten over is the ‘Start Menu‘. Now, some of the new Windows 9 screenshots leaked into wild, offering an insight into what’s from the software giant’s flagship OS, and also gives us another look at the Start menu as though.

According to some alleged screenshots of a dev build obtained by Myce, it will include both the Start Menu aka also known as windowed Metro/Modern-style apps.

It’s very likely that the next major release will be treated to the ‘Windows 9′ moniker, unless Microsoft decides to toss in a spanner or two at the end. Currently, as we’ve seen through previous leaks – the Windows 9 work-in-progress is being referred to internally as “Windows 8.1 Pro,” but apparently, despite the new screenshots dominating this once more.

Both the screenshots are from the Windows build called “Threshold“, and that said, apps in the Windows 8.1 Update are almost there, complete with menu bars as well as close and minimize buttons; the only thing missing would be the option to resize.


As you see the leaked Windows 9 screenshots, the Start menu combines elements of tradition in with the Metro look that Microsoft has been trying to drum into Windows users, which it looks like a reversion to tradition of sorts. If it ultimately allows resizable apps that can run on the desktop and a start menu, Windows 9 would be a pretty sharp turn.


The most important feature Windows 9 would have is a brand new name and a fresh start. Take a look at these new Windows 9 screenshots above.

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