Alienware m17x – The Most Powerful Gaming Laptop – Review

Alienware is an American computer hardware subsidary of dell inc. Which is established in 1996 by Nelson Gonzalaz and Alex Aguila. Alienware coustom made computers are particularly developed for game players. The Alienware M17x is the newest and most powerful 17-inch gaming notebook in the universe. Persons, those who are looking for something special can have this wonderful device.

The Alienware M17X is powerful laptop which is having 17 inch high-definition wide screen display with 1440×500 pixel resolution and 16.9 aspect ratio. Most probably laptop gamers will not take care about quality and design of the device. They will look only  the speed of the built components. The Alienware’s aim is to build the brand,shape  the future and be the best, so they never use poor quality plastic casing with many unnecessary stickers. But They are  using simply designed metal casing with exceptional strength. The customer’s need to use their actual strength to lift up the screen because a powerful magnet has been attached to the screen of the alienware M17X.  It is covered with glass from one edge to another,so that to make the screen very reflective. The Alienware command center promise you and gives you an unimaginable applications and controls , so that you can very easily adjust all the features, details like lightig and power.

Keyboard is the other outstanding part of the Alienware M17X . Full sized buttons are arranged beautifully and regularly. Quality of the keyboard is intuitive and enables not only pleasant game play but also writing large amounts of text. Alienware M17X is having an impressive speed. The Processor of the Alienware M17X is not mobile quad core, which is visible in the Cinebench test, but the two core Core 2 with 2,8GHz, which is entirely enough for playing all new video games. With an innovative technology that includes a quad-core processor and coming generation NVIDIA dual graphics solutions, will give an excellent gaming experience to the gamers. Any gamer will love to own the Alienware M17X because of its power with the bold anodised aluminum case design.

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