A New Lumia Phablet Image Leaks, Maybe Microsoft Lumia 1330

Although the day when Lumia 535 leaked into wild, made many excited to know about the first Microsoft branded smartphone and now, attentive readers however have spotted that next to it on the blurry image there is a yet-unseen Lumia phablet.

Microsoft Lumia 1330 purportedly leaked as a phablet device

The device clearly has a larger screen and the size comparison to the Lumia 535 and the Lumia 1520, which is also seen in the shot, suggests it should have a screen of around 6 inches. The design resembles the Lumia 1320 (with no Nokia logo), leading some to believe it may possibly be a Lumia 1330 of sorts.


Notably,it does appear to have a camera button, which would mark it out as a higher end mid-range device, rather than low-end. No idea on whether this new Lumia might see the light of day together with the Lumia 535 on November 11.

It’s the first time we’re talking about Lumia 1330, apart from Lumia 535 leaks, which should have a 5-inch screen and power-packed by a Snapdragon 200 chipset on board.