A Fantastic Native Gmail iPhone App on the Store, Submitted To Apple to Review?

Since the first iPhone was introduced back in 2007, there hasn’t been a Native Gmail App for iOS Devices . Today, some rumors surfaced on this Topic, sure you can Configure the Default Email Client on the idevices to access from Safari.

You didn’t ever thought about a native iPhone app for Gmail? But, MG Siegler did, Siegler reports that Google is “on the verge” of release a native Gmail client for the iPhone.

iPhone to Get the Best Gmail Client as the Native App: Subitted for Review to the Apple

According to the sources, Google has already submitted the iPhone Mail client to the Apple’s App Store for a Review, and could come in a very few days After Approval. But it didn’t provide the same experience like the official Gmail app for Android does.

What’s the big deal ? well here’s the big deal, of the Official Gmail app could bring the features like Push Notifications, One-click starting of messages, Priority Inbox, Deep Search Functionality, improved threading and lots more – These are the features, that we love to use Gmail for.

According to the Source: They described something on this Native iPhone App

“Perhaps the biggest issue with using Gmail through the iPhone’s native mail client is that Gmail is not Push-enabled. Yes, you can hack it to work through Exchange, but then you lose other functionality, such as the ability to star messages via flags.

The native Gmail app will likely bring other key functionality as well: like Priority Inbox and one-click starring of messages. Other possibilities include some of the stuff Google is about to roll out for Gmail proper: like contact icons, better threading, and deep searching functionality. Maybe there will even be some Google+ integration, which Google is also hard at work on for Gmail.”

Some secrets which you don’t know, you can use Google Mail on iOS 5 in two different ways: the first is to use the mobile version of client on Safari or to Sync it with your Mail.app. Now Google Providing the third way and that is the Best of all of them.

If you are an Android Phone User, then you have already had experienced this Gmail app since it’s begining. Now iOS users will be really excited to get it on their Device.