6 Best Siri Alternatives for Android

Apple has recently released Intuitive feature called Siri Voice, a personal Assistant application for iPhone 4S. Siri was limited version in iOS 5 running iPhone 4S, and for iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch 4G/3G there was no way to Port Siri.

Today the Siri’s Security Protocol finally gets Cracked, so that you’ll be able to Run Siri on Android, iPad 2, Mac OS X, iPhone 4, ipad, iPod Touch and well as on Windows. Siri was already ported to iPhone 4 successfully a few days back and also connected to the Apple’s Server. If you are interested in Installing Siri(GUI Only) on iPhone 4, iPad or iPod Touch, then follow this guide from here .

Apart from this topic, we are here to tell you after searching a bit, we found that there are quite a few good Siri Alternatives for Android right now available in the Android Market for a Free Download. Siri on your Android device makes your Handset more like a Siri on iPhone 4S.

This is where we can help you as today we have a list of 5 Awesome Siri Alternatives for Android that will let you take advantage of Siri like personal voice assistant on your Android.

Here’s a quick collection of the Best of Siri alternatives for Android now available from the Market. These Top free Siri alternatives for Android tools can only bring some features of Siri Voice onto your Android Phones and not all of them – These Alts will not be as complete as Good as Siri.

1. Iris: one of the Best alternative for Siri on Android, another voice assistant which is still in beta. Iris is the reverse of Siri and it was inspired from the iPhone 4S Voice feature Siri. Iris intracts with you in Voice! Iris reverse of Siri does everything what you expect it to like making calls, searching web, texting, and many more. Iris even boasts of Anbdroid 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Inspired User Interface (UI).

Install Iris – Siri Alternative from Android Market

2. Vlingo: One of the popular Voice Assistant based application like Siri. Vlingo is a Virtual Assistant for Android, you can perform tasks quickly, easily simply be speaking to Vlingo. From sending texts and emails to updating your Facebook/Twitter status to checking in with Foursquare, Vlingo does almost everything it is asked to effortlessly.


Install Vlingo Virtual Assistant from Android Market

3. Speaktoit Assistant: One of the best free Alternative for Siri for Android app just w2orks with the image, name, and everything. In an unique way, Speaktoit Assistant utilizes natuaral language technology for responding to questions you ask, finding information, launching apps and connecting you with many web services like Google, social networks like G+, Gacebook, Twitter and Foursquare etc.

Speaktoit a Siri Alternative for Android

Install Speaktoit Assistant from Android Market

4. Google Voice Search: This is another Siri alt app from Google that can be used to do quick search on your Android phone, the web, and the nearby locations by just speaking to it. Calling your Contacts, getting directions, and also controlling your phone with Voice Assistant actions like Siri in a possible way.

Google Voice Search

Install Google Voice Search – Siri Alternative from Android Market

5. Edwin: One of the Top and the best voice assistant app for Android that can be used to tweet, text, translate, weather and also converting. Like Siri, using Edwin by speaking you have the ability of making calls, texting, and also performing many other tasks using this Android App. In order to use this Siri Alternative Android application, you require to Install SpeechSynthesis and TTS extended apps, which are all free cost nothing.

Install Edwin – Siri Alternative from Android Market

6. Skyvi: this is another free alternative to Siri for Android, perhaps the application that many spend most of their time among with other Siri Voice Services. All these voice assistant are not perfect. But you can experience the iPhone 4S voice assistant feature Siri on Android, that is sure.

Install Skyvi – Siri for Android app from Android Market

Important Note – You can Download all those Free Siri Alternatives for your Android Phone. Siri is the best and outstanding features in the iPhone 4S, so don’t expect more like Siri on Android with those 6 features.