5 Best Application Launcher for Windows – Top 2011

Executor – The Best and Great Applications launcher available for Windows . Here are Top 5/15/10 Best Alternative Windows Application Launchers Competing with Executor Windows Apps Launcher . Check Features:

Executor - Application Launcher for Windows

* Launch programs and perform actions with just a few keystrokes
* Open documents, files, and folders
* Navigate to and/or search through web sites
* System functions like lock, shut down, show IP addresses, turn off monitor, and more
* Do multiple tasks at once with one keyword
* Select clipboard entries from your clipboard history, strip them of their formatting, and paste them wherever you want.
* View all recent documents
* List and manipulate running applications
* Much, much more (see the home page for more information).

Top 5 Best Application Launchers for Windows

1. Executor – Best Windows Application Launcher, because of its performance. When you launch this Executor for the first time, it lets you choose between indexing your Windows Files for the fast and Easy Searches and also turns off Indexing and using manually Search Keywords for Running Commands.

This Executor also let you pick how it searches, choosing between short-form (ffx would bring up the closest match Firefox), “word starts with” (only fire would bring up Firefox), or “text contains” (fox  would bring up Firefox). It has more options than you know what to do with, while staying fairly easy to configure. Like most of our favorite apps, its biggest strength is that it lets you configure it to work exactly how you want it to, without being overly advanced.

2. Keybreeze – This is not as a versatile in the way what it finds for what you are looking for, but its worth a bit. Comparing with Executor with Kaybreeze, that has a few extra features, like the ability to Create Sticky notes and can do basic text expansion, that will be cool.

3. Launchy – One of the most Popular Windows Application Launcher with its powerful and great Plug-in system, allows you to Customization, but even with its plugins just doesn’t quite measure up in advanced features with Executor or Keybreeze.

Actually, if you are looking for a Simple App Launcher then this Launchy will be perfect to fit for your needs. This Launchy application Launcher does what it do without much Configuration on your End and does not allow you dig into the Settings, when you are will to do.

4. Enso –  works a little differently than the others. Instead of hitting a key combo, you hold down the Caps Lock key, type in your command (i.e. “open firefox”), and release Caps Lock to activate it. You can activate it in a more traditional manner, too, but that’s what really sets it apart. It seems strange, but you get used to it. You can also add aliases (called “favorites”) and jump to any open program with its “go” command.

5. Find and Run Robot – One of the Powerful apps on the Windows Application Launchers list, which comes with Tons of Settings, Plug-ins and Capabilities, lets you Customize a lot on How it works.

Setting up Find and Run Robot is a bit difficult, because of its Advanced technology. Drawback is it does not Index at all, and keeps resource usage low but can be slower to find things. Better to choose Executor, which is one of the Best reasons. Via LifeHacker