4 Best Waterproof Cases For iPhone 5S: Preserver, Marine, GreatShield LEAGACY Series [IMAGES]

Have you bought a new iPhone 5s smartphone, then you are pretty much interested in checking out these best cases (scratch guard, waterproof, dust-resistant covers). Shop iPhone 5s cases, sports armbands, and more purely available on the Apple Online Stores or can be purchased from the third-party stores provides a list of stylish and protected cases for all iPhone models with a variety of accessories. Top in the list of cases for iPhone 5s can be grabbed right after this break.


Starting with

1. The GreatShield LEGACY Series case – perfectly fit the Apple iPhone 5s and also the HTC One (Android-powered) handset. Like it? Because it’s shock absorbing case with a kickstand on the back fits perfectly for the iPhone 5s, and looks unique. The GreatShield’s LEGACY Series for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s are now available in the market, as well as one case that also fits with the HTC’s One smartphone. Although the two cases look different but shares the similar design concept, with a soft silicon inner lining and an outer plastic shell that doesn’t feel plastic anymore, thanks to the texture that helps the iPhone 5s owner grip the phone.

Price:  Buyers can get the iPhone version at Amazon for about $15. People can get the HTC One LEGACY Series case for about $12 at Amazon with black, green, pink and red available.

2. Otterbox Preserver Series of iPhone 5s cases – This series is purely custom-built from early designs and pictures it looks like there is a bubble outer-shell over the Touch ID home button. Unlike the other cases, the Preserver case is much more than a water-resistant and shock-proof case cover. The Preserver specification reveals that its an “Uninhibited use of all device features and functions through the case,” but the Touch ID Fingerprint sensor in iPhone 5s however not work when it is in water. Clarified!

3. Griffin’s iPhone 5s Waterproof Case – Yet another review has made with this claimed waterproof case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, though, it’s not actually a fully waterproofed case, but this is one of the to-of-the-line waterproof case available for the iPhone 5 smartphone. For iPhone 5s, the Graffin company mentions that this case won’t let the Touch ID work but makes a funny note that “we think that the number of times you’ll want to purchase songs from iTunes when you’re out in the middle of the rain is pretty limited.”

Price: Graffin iPhone 5s case can be purchased at $69.99. Buy it from hittig this link here.

4. Case-Mate is yet another store that provides an unique series of iPhone 5S cases, since they aren’t water-resistant or dustproof, but makes a statement with fasion-forward iPhone 5s/5 cases and iPhone 5s covers from Case-Mate. The best iPhone 5s cases to compliment your genuine style liking. Hundreds of stylish designed cases are available here.

Note: It’s good to use iPhone 5s on surface rather in the water, and don’t even expect to use Touch ID to work underwater. The better case in this scenerio is it would be good to turn off authentication of Touch ID for the time you’ll be using your iPhone 5s underwater. Safe!