3-Axis Joystick Turns Your TouchPhone’s Camera Into A Joystick

iPhone users or any smart phone users doesn’t have enough space to play proper games, because of its limited functions we go get PS3 or PSP and now by attaching a analog Joystick to your phone you can enjoy it directly on your touch screen devices. The research group at Keio University has the answer for the above asked one. The 3-Axis analog joystick is an elastic device that goes over the front facing camera of your smartphone and acts as a joystick. Details after this jump!

3-Axis Joystick uses small markers so that it can be tracked by the phone camera, the reason the device can register the movement as input for the games. That can’t block the screen, when you use other way by attaching joysticks to them. The 3-Axis will not interfere while you’re playing. The Joystick also go onto the phone’s rear camera and work the same way if you need it. Using this will let players have a physical joystick (better than a virtual onscreen one) and not have to block the display at the same time.

Sounds great, the concept is quite cool, expected to see in the future used by touchscreen phone users one day, but should require support from game developers. Until then check out the 3-Axis Joystick for Phone’s Camera demonstration above below.