24 Best Retina-Ready Apps For New iPad [3rd-Generation] Available For Download

Have you got your newly released Retina Display featuring third-gen iPad? You had it, then you would like have the best iPad 3 apps for that. It no secret that the best applications for the New iPad 3rd-gen are the ones that take advantage of the improvements that the new iPad brings to the table.

The iPad 3’s Retina screen is one of the most praised features of the new Apple tablet, which is why we were collecting some of the best-looking apps for the iPad with 2048×1536 resolution and supports 1080p high-definition graphics, which made this one of the most visually stunning devices running Apple’s iOS 5.1.

Here’s some of the best looking software from the Apple App Store for the new iPad. I mean the official list of Retina-ready 3rd-party apps that will be ready for you to grab as son as your iPad is in your hands.

Top 24 Best New iPad 3 apps compatible to Retina Display

This is not all the top and the best apps now available for your new iPad, but there are several other third-party apps which are landing on the App Store soon as one of the Greatest apps for the New iPad. Stay tuned to grabi, so that we will let you know!

Note : To come in future, the best iPad 3 themes (Retina-Display iPad 3 Themes), HD-Wallpapers, Ringtones, apps, high-definition 1080p videos, and Cydia Tweaks. For this you have to jailbreak iPad 3 iOS 5.1 using any of three different exploits which has been shown off.

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