20 Awesome CyanogenMod 7 Themes for Android – Download Now!

Are you an Android user and want to install CyanogenMod on your Device using the Custom ROMs which are of CM7 series. Are you aware of Android Themes which can be installed using the ADW Launcher, and Go Launcher EX, if not then you will be loving to have these twenty Best CyanogenMod 7 Themes for Android.

Actually, CyanogenMod acts as a replacement fot the after-market buyers. The most interesting additions to CyanogenMod 7 is the native support for full system skins (Themes), with a few taps you can completely change the look and feel of the device. While the system is open source, so that independent developers can also create their own Themes. CynogenMod 7 for Android Phone have been grabbed from the forums or other alternative sources, since some are from the Android Market.

Few days back, Team Xron released an Custom Android ROMs which was a CM7 Remix to install on the HP TouchPad Tablets. CynogenMod offers depending upon the nature of Android OS’s several options and features. CyanogenMod 7 comes in the series and along other Custom codes that are additionally made, and named it as “Android 2.3.x Gingerbread”.

Talking about the CynogenMod 7, which si very flexible and the fastest one among others. With the addition option that is present in the CyanogenMod 7 is the Theme Chooser – considered to be much more flexible cosmetically. Installing Themes in the format of APK files which is the easy way to apply with the help of CM7 Theme Chooser. Android user who are fed up of with the old stock Android appearance, here are some of the great looking Themes available for your Devices, which are available for free as well and these CynogenMod 7 Themes on Android can be applied with out any Flashing required. Means can apply within Theme Chooser.

Installing a CyanogenMod 7 Theme Using Theme Chooser

Note – The follwing Themes are in APK format. To Install and Apply a theme:

* Download/ Transfer its APK to the SD card and Install there, You’ll need to enable Installation of Non-market applications (# Applications).

* Launch Theme Chooser.

* Swipe left or right across the screen to select the theme you just installed.

* Tap apply and reboot (reboot is required to be able to view the changes to the notification power widget).

If you would rather not reboot after applying a theme:

* Download Notification Restart from the Android Market. The app is free.
* After applying a theme, launch the app and tap the button on its home screen to restart the notification bar.

Grab all the CyanogenMod 7 Themes for Android for Free

1. MinimalBread

CyanogenMod 7 Theme for Android

Download from Android Market

2. HTC.Elegance

HTC Glanse CyanogenMod 7 Android Theme

Download from XDA Forums Link

3. CyanbreadX


Download CyanbreadX  Android Theme (CyanogenMod 7)

4. Honeybread (Honeycomb Theme)

HoneyBread CyanogenMod 7 Theme for Android

Download HoneyBread from Market (Android CM7 Theme)

5. Sculpted

Sculpted Android CyanogenMod 7 Theme

Download Sculpted from Android Market Link

6. Synergy

Synergy CyanogenMod 7 Theme for Android Device

Download Synergy from Android Market

7. NTSense

NTSense - Android Theme based on CyanogenMod 7

Download NTSense XDA Dev Forum

8. GingerBlur

CyanogenMod 7 Theme for Android - GingerBlur

Download GingerBlur from XDA Forums

9. TouchWizzed

CyanogenMod 7 TouchWizzed Android Theme - Free Download

Download TouchWizzed from XDA Developer

10. Xperia Arc

Xperia Arc CyanogenMod 7 Theme (Android)

Download Xperia Arc from XDA Developer Forum

11. MotoBlur

CyanogenMod 7 Theme MotoBlur Android Phone

Download MotoBlur (XDA-Developers Forum Thread)

12. DarkGinger

DarkGinger - CM7 Android Theme - Download Now!

Download XDA-Developers Forum Thread

13. BuuF

Buuf CM7 Theme for Android

Download BuuF (XDA-Developers Forum Thread)

14. MinimalBread

CM7 MinimalBread Android Theme

Download MinimalBread

15. UpwardSpiral’s Themes

Best CM7 Theme for Android "Upward'sSpiral's"

Download Directly from Android Market

16. Steel Blue

Steel Blue CyanogenMod 7 Themes for Android

Download from XDA Forums

17. Rover’s Themes (Mix, Blue & Cyan)

Rover's Themes for Android CyanogenMd 7 Based

Download From XDA Forums

18. Crystal

Crystal CyanogenMod 7 Android Theme

Download from the XDA Forums

19. JAMT

JAMT Android CM7 Theme

Download from Android Market (Theme Link)

20. Honeycomb Theme

Honeycomb CM7 Android Theme - Download Now!

Download Honeycomb Theme for Android – CyanogenMod 7

These are those Best  Themes based on CyanogenMod 7 for your Android Phone . Download all these Top CM7 Themes for Free from here and also check these iPhone 4 Themes and iPad 2 Themes available for free Download.