Top 15 Best Google Chrome Extensions Of 2011/2012

Google Chrome is one the most popular and best browser used by us these days. We all know that when it comes to top extensions and add-ons, Firefox was to be the best until 2011. But today with  Google Chrome Extensions the browser became top and very popular with all Chrome Features, and including best (free) Google Chrome Extensions and Hundreds of External Applications and that comes in Completely Open Source Code System.

Google Chrome Extensions for 2011 - Top 15 Best

I use Google Chrome and also installed Chrome Extensions for my Need. So, i decided to give you an idea about my Favorite 15 Google Chrome Extensions, so that you can Grab and Install on your Chrome Web Browser. Then check these Top 15 Best Google Chrome Extensions, no one should live without. The early development is showing that Chrome users can now enjoy super-fast loading times and minimal footprints along with the option of using third party add-ons.

Update 27-09-2011 – Top 30 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Top 15 Best Google Chrome Extensions

1. AdBlock

AdBlock Google Chrome Extension

This is an AdBlocker Google Chrome Extension, which blocks the Ads automatically on website pages which are recorded in an internal database. Everyone hates Ads, so this will be the best Add-on to be installed on Google Chrome, so that no one has to deal with them again.

2. StayFocused

StayFocuced Chrome Extensions

This will be the best Chrome Extension works on a Computer and has a hard time staying on task. This StayFocuced Chrome Extension will increase the Productivity by blocking certain Websites, and adds a time limit to the external sites which are not Blocked. So, this will be the Extension for those who work from Home.

3. WiseStamp – This is the Chrome Extension works hand to hand with a Google Mail or GMail Account, and if you prefer another Mail service, then this WiseStamp is useless to you, why? because this Google Chrome Extension allows users to include Social Media and Social Network profile links in their Email Signature.

4. Smooth Gestures – This Extension will be very interesting. This Smooth Gestures application allows users to perform actions using a series of Pre-defined Mouse and Keyboard Gestures. like Swiping across the Screen or Scrolling up and Down. Where this Smooth Gestures Chrome Extension is one of the best thing owning a Touch Screen Monitor.

5. Chrome Toolbox – The Chrome Toolbox extension by Google adds some more advanced browser options and commands to spruce up any browsing experience. For example users can save unsubmitted internet form data for use later, view web videos in standalone windows, and can pre-define the browser to open all links in an external window.

6. Mail Checker plus for Google Mail – This is the best Chrome Extension, who uses a Gmail Account and would rather keep an External Application open instead of Gmail is an Open Browser Window. This Google Chrome Extension called “Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail” privides Gmail Users with unread message Notifications and also allows them to preview new Mail, Mark it as Spam and Delete.

7. Official Facebook Extention – This is also called a Social Network Notifier. This Official Facebook Chrome Extension alerts and notifies any user whenever anything interesting happens on Facebook. So, instead of leaving a Browser Window Logged into the site all the time, Facebook users can now rely on this Extension to alert them when anything happens. This Chrome Extension alerts users when someone Comments on their Wall or Posts, Invites them to Local Events, Posts to Group page, Send a Friend Request and also Sends a new Personal Message.

8. Monster Jobs – This Chrome Extension allow+s users to Browse the Internet and Check for Jobs Simultaniously. This Monster Jobs Google Chrome Extension also allows users to seeJob postings for Individual Sites they are Visiting.

9. PriceBlink – This is an E-Shopping Chrome Extension, called PriceBlink, this locates lower prices, Coupons and Reviews on Products while still allowing users to Continue Shopping.

10. Google Chrome Bachup Extensions – This Extension Creates Backups, Restores and manages Chrome Profiles. With this Google Chrome Backup Extension, We can Maintain All History, Bookmarks and Related Stuff, and if the Systen Crases or Unexpectedly Deleted, we can easily Restore or get back the lost Settings in Google Chrome.

11. Picnik – This Chrome Extension allows users to Take screenshots and pictures from the Chrome Browser directly and you can also edit existing Photos too without any additional Software needed.

12. Google Chrome Dual View – This is the Chrome Extension enables you to view+ tw+o different Webpages in a single tap same time. A single tab will split into from the middle such that in each half you can see two different sites side by side. Particularly useful if multitasking or undertaking some research.

13. Google Talk from Chrome Browser – Just Login and get Chat with your Friends and Family with this Google Talk Chrome Extension, which only need us to Enter Username and Password.

14. Aniweather – This Google Chrome Extension gives us detailed W+eather report in the Chrome Brow+ser toolstrip, which is be also available in Firefox as an Addon.

15. Google Chrome Extension Manager -This Extension allow+ you to Enable, Disable or Delete any Chrome Extensions from the Application itself by just installing this Google Chrome Extensions Manager and if you Manually Force Install Google Chrome Extensions , then follow this Link.