Top 15 Best Free VPN Services – 2011

Top 15 Best – Free VPN (Virtual Private Network) 20 Services to Secure Communication between restricted Sites. Check these Top 20 Best Free VPN Services . First you have to Know about, What is VPN? a Virtual Private Network that uses a Public Teclecommunication infrastructure (Internnet) to provide Remote Offices or Individual users with Secure access to their Oprganisation’s Network , that are restricted by the Network Adminstrator on LAN Network .

VPN Network Service

Taking an Example : How this Free VPN Service Works

If you want to access any Website that was restricted by your Network Adminstrator, using this Free  VPN Servic e, you can access that Restricted Site at your Network, How ? because the IP Address is hidden while accessing Internet via VPN and you are fully protected from Online hackers, those who access with your Password, Credit Card Numbers and Bank Tranfsers.

How to work with Free VPN Service:

How to: Work with Free VPN Services

Technology which allows secured remote access to private networks through internet. Despite the actual purpose the virtual private networks are used by many people for private and anonymous internet browsing. These free vpn services are also used for viewing blocked websites in private networks and also bypass ISP blocking.

Important Note – Ony few Providers available as the Best VPN Services among many other Free VPN Services and most of them provide Free VPN Client Software that have to be Installed on to PC to avail their Free Services. Check this List of 15 Best VPN Free Services for you to Secure Anonymous Browsing.

Top 15 Best Free VPN Service – 2011

1. Ultra VPN – With a simple user Interface this Ultra VPN allows to Connect or Disconnect to VPN Services and based on VPN which encrypts and anonymous Network your Network Connection, so that no one can track your Network Connection when accessing any Web Site.

This Ultra VPN can be used by any individual who simply want to protect Privacy, on LAN or at Public Hotspot.

2. CyberGhost VPN – This is another VPN Service, offers Free VPN Access through their basic Plan. You can access their VPN at free of cost upto a limited 1GB of Data Transfer in a Month of traffic space for its users. With this CyberGhost VPN you can access any Website privately becuase IP address is Hidden and works on all the Operating Systems.

3. ACE VPN – This will be the Best VPN Service allows secure and private Internet Surfing and Downloads without leaving any trace or track of Browsing. But, need to get an Invite to use this ACE VPN Free Service, if you are a Blogger or a Webmaster, then this VPN Service will be Free when invite.

4. LogMein Hamachi VPN – f you are using vpn access for your personal purposes only and dont use it for commercial activities, LogMeIn Hamachi is another free vpn service which allows free access for personal browsing. This service also allows file and resource sharing through their vpn in more secured way. The vpn solutions offered for personal purposes by this service are accessing your personal computer remotely and through your mobile devices like iphone, network your devices together, share your remote desktop, backup your computer files etc.

5. Loki Network Project – This another Best Free VPN Service can be considered becuase of its SSL based Free VPN Services and this is a Free Service to use it as a Guest mode. You can Download Free VPN Client Software from the Loki Network Project to help you use their Public VPN Service.

6. Hospot Shield – This is 100% secured and Best Free VPN Service that creates free Secured Connections between your PC and their Virtual Private Network. You have to simply Download Hotspot Sield VPN Client and Install it on your PC and start using the free VPN Service.

This VPN Client supports many Various Operating Systems including Windows 7, Win 2000, Win Vista, Mac OS X 0.4, OS X 10.5 Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Sn0w Leopard 10.6. Secure all your web sessions and secure your private data like passwords, credit card numbers by browsing internet through Hotspot Shield’s free vpn service.

7. Anchor Free – This is Free VPN Service provided by Hotspot Shield, one of the msot popular VPN Service Provider. This Anchor Free VPN protects your Network Connection from Online Identity Thefts, Hide IP Address for Privacy and unblock all the Restricted Websites and this Free VPN Service works on all Operating Systems like Windows 7/Vita, Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

8. PacketiX – This is a Website priveds you with a Free VPN Software as well as Premium VPN Service. Where Free users have to Install PacketiX Software on your PC and Enter your Free License Number and you will be ready to access any Website on your Network. This VPN Service is based on the Tunel base to access a Data between PC and Servers.

9. Hide IP – This Free VPN Service offers a Free Account for its Customers on their Servers located in United Kingdom and United States and Installing Hide IP is very Easy and can use the Software to Hide IP Address.

10. The Free VPN – This Free VPN Service allows you to access Blocked Websites and Watch Hulu,com,, and  and with The Free VPN Service you can use the VoIP Software like Skype, if it is blocked and Protected yourself from snoopers at WiFi Hotspots, Airports, Hotels, Corporate Offices and ISP Hubs.

11. Open VPN – this one is one of the Best VPN Service Provider that enables you to access your Restricted Websites at your LAN Connection or Network Connection. Open VPN Client can run various modes ranging from Simple Remote user accessing the Virtaul Private Network resources to Remote Gateway interconnecting Multiple Private Networks.

12. VPN Tool – VPN tool is a software who anonymize and secure all your Internet traffic and replace your IP address and protects your computer from internet attacks and intrusions. simply download the software ans instantly you will recive an username and password via email.

13. Super VPN – This is the Free VPN Service mostly used by US/Germany users with no limits as Unlimited amount of Traffic without any Restrictions. This Super VPN Servers are also located in USA and Germany that provides High Speed Internet Connection with 128 bit Encryption.

14. Link ideo – Link ideo is the best service for VPN because it creates an link between your computer and its servers so that all the data you access moved in between by a tunnel which hides your IP address and provides you a top security.

15. Proxpn – This is a free service to secure your all types of connections from DSL and Cable to 3G which gives you 100% privacy when accessing internet.proxpn is available to download for windows,mac as well as iphone.

There are Other Best Free VPN Service available on the Web and These are the Top 15 Best Free VPN Services for 2011.