12 Amazing Go Launcher EX Themes [Android]

We have shared some awesome & best iOS-inspired home replacement apps, called to be Go launcher EX Theme for your Android, Windows, Mac and Linux until now. Today, we are here to give you chance to grab all these Android themes which are all set for free to download.

Go Launcher EX has made its place in the Android Market from the release and that continued to have an upper hand in the launcher race. Launch EX themes on the Market has began to grow with storm, the number of the theme development charge being led by the Go dev team itself. In addition of being feature rich, flexible and extensively customizable, the launcher page contains free downloadable themes based on Go Launcher EX.

We have given you the best Android themes based on ADW launcher, Now we have compiled a list of best free Go Launcher EX themes available at the Android Market.

When we talk about instaloling launcher themes on Android phone, its very simple to install and apply. Download links and QR codes are provided below each theme. If you find a theme you like, download it to your device and while on the GO Launcher EX homescreen, hit Menu > Preferences > Theme Preferences, tap your newly grabbed theme and simply select to Apply from the options badge that appears over it. That’s it you are done!

This is my gift to all the users and who are the fans of the Android themes. Wishing you a happy Valentine’s day with greetings and the 12 Best Go Launcher EX Themes for Android phones of 2012. Grab them all as a free download directly from Android Market.

Galaxy S


Download Galaxy S Theme

Neon Blue


Download Neon Theme

Windows 7


Download Windows 7 Theme

Classic Theme Go


Download Classic Theme



Download Cartoon Theme

Go Launcher EX Notification


Download Go Launcher EX Notification Theme



Download C-Black Theme

Cry Cloud


Download Cry Cloud Theme



Download Romantic Theme

Color Dot


Download Color Dot Theme

Love Tree


Download Love Tree Theme



Download Backyard Theme

These are only some of my best Launcher EX themes of my choice. If you prefer using MIUI, over Go Launcher EX, here’s the list of Top 22 MIUI (CM9) Themes for Android and not only that, you can have here 10 awesome ADW Launcher Themes [Android].