10 Best Reminder iPhone Apps For Setting Countdowns

Some times it is a mind stressing issue to remember all the dates of upcoming events and activities. In such case, to lesser your stress, iPhone apps will make it easy for you. There are several useful apps to help you in this task but out of them why we’ve compiled the ten best iPhone apps countdown and reminder apps which keep the track of time of your future schedule.  the days to our favorite events.

Remind you once again, some of these iPhone apps are paid version but very useful to set up your favorite events schedule.

Top 10 Awesome iPhone Apps for Setting Countdown and Reminders

1 . School Countdown :

This is a useful app for the school students. It gives you a countdown for the school year and the number of days until school starts back up. It also helps you to keep the track of number of classes in the semister and each courses remaining time.

2 . Wedding Countdown :

If you eagerly waiting for your wedding and very offen looking at calander impatiently, this app will help you to countdown the year, months, days, hours, minutes and even seconds before the event occurs. Just you set the tie the knot time and it will start the countdown. You need not to set the time for the anniversary countdowns after the marriage as the app includes a feature  for automatically switching to that track. This app also allows you to add custom images and background music.

3 . Countdown Calendar :

If you want to remind the upcoming holidays, movie release dates and sport event dates, this app offers you two ‘Important and Fun’ folders to add a date and title for the reminder. Until the date added date your’s arrives, it countdown the days, months and years. It is a simple app and lets you add hyperlinks and notes to reminders. It also allows acts for mail countdowns to other Countdown Calendar users.

4 . Big Date Lite :

This app gives you some plesure by adding background photo to your events. You can add photos to multiple events if you pay just $0.99 as this is a paid one. For the free version you are restricted to add background photo for only one event.

5 . Expecting Baby :

From the planning of getting the pregnancy to until the delivery and announceing the baby’s arrival, this app lets you track and share the day by day improvements.

6 . Countdown+ :

In this app you can categorize and tag reminders and countdowns, customize icons and backgrounds. If not it allows you choose from over 40 preset icons. You can also create custom calendar rules, set alert notifications and even import scheduled dates which are there on your iPhone’s iCal calendar. You can do much more with this app which costs $1.99.

7. Until Countdown paid app :

This is a versatile timer that can count the months, weeks and days to an event far into the future, or simply help you time your laundry. Just tap the plus button in the upper right-hand corner to get started, and you’ll be counting the days in no time. Until Countdown stands out with rich graphics and playful controls, and an icon you’ll be proud to keep on your first home screen.  A special version for iPad included. At only $0.99, Until Countdown is a bargain!

8. Timenotes

This is said to be the coundown app for your iPhone, which brings the table that other similar applications lack. Timenotes app is customizable with awesome themes and color patterns that you choose from when you are setting up a countdown. This iPhone contdown app gives you an beautiful landscape views, and impressive graphic, and features a push notifications. For $0.99, Timenotes is a great buy, but beware: you’ll probably find yourself setting countdowns for everything, just to get another chance to ogle that gorgeous user interface.

9. Days To Go

The author of Days To Go took inspiration from Apple’s built-in Clock app in designing the gradients and shadows for the main countdowns list. At only $0.99, Days To Go is definitely worth a try. It’s dead simple to setup a countdown: just tap the plus button, enter a title and a date, and you are done! Add as many countdowns as you wish, and you can see them all on the main view of the application. Even better, Days To Go also works on your iPad at full resolution!

10. Day Tracker

This is one of the most amazing and great iPhone countdown app, letting you see all your countdowns in a beautiful grid on the first screen. When you choose to view one of your countdowns, the time left is displayed in a refined faux-LED digital clock at the top of the screen.  As an added benefit, each event gets its own icon (for instance, a gift box, an airplane, or a television set), which makes it a snap to differentiate between your events at a glance. For just $0.99, snag Day Tracker and start counting the days to your next special event!

Though there are somany iphone time tracking apps available at this time, these six countdown and reminder apps are most commonly useful.