10 Best Android Themes For Phones – ADW Launcher

If you are looking for some best Android theme launchers and of course skin packs, then, you have come to the right place where you can grab some of my top launcher EX themes for your Android-powered phablet and smartphones.

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Top 10 Android ADW Launcher Themes – Android

How to Install ADW Launcher – Actually, ADW.Launcher has been adopted as the base for many other Homescreen Replacements/Customization apps as the stock Launcher for the Custom ROMs, popular series called CyanongenMod.

This ADW Launcher is an Open source launcher and the most active of Theme Developers. There are many Android Themes to spice up their Home screens with New Themes, Dock Backgrounds and icon packs.

Check these 10 Best Abdroid ADW Themes for Free on the Android Marke t. How to apply an ADW Themes ?

Choose any Android Theme from these 10 Best Free ADW Themes for Android Phone and jus Download it from the Android Market. After Download and Installed the Theme on your Android Device and return to the ADW Homescreen and do this:

* Hit the Menu and just navigate to ADWSettings-> Theme Preferences. If you are already using CyanongenMod 7 built-in ADW.Launcher, then simply select Settings-> ADWLauncher-> Theme Preferences.

* Now Select your Android Theme and just Tap on Apply Theme.

Top 10 Best Android Themes – ADW Launcher Themes

1.  CyanongenMod Android ADW Theme

CyanongenMod Android Theme  CyanongenMod Android ADW Theme

2.  Rustik Android ADW Launcher Theme

Rustik ADW Launcher Android Theme  Rustik Android Theme Folder

3. Buuf Android Theme via ADW Launcher

Buuf Android Theme  Buuf Android Theme

4. TRON Android ADW Launcher Theme

Tron Android Theme

5. Elegant Android Theme – ADW Launcher

Elegant Android Theme Elegant ADW Android Theme

6. Eyefold Android ADW Launcher Theme

Eyefold ADW Android Theme  Eyefold ADW Theme - Android

7. Honeycomb ADW Theme – Android

Honeycomb Android Theme

8.  AndroidPhone7 ADW Android Theme

AndroidPhone 7 Android Theme Androidphone7 Android ADW Theme

9. Backyard Android ADW Theme

Backyard Android Theme - ADW Launcher

10. Android ADW Launcher Android Theme

Gingerbread Android ADW Launcher Theme

There are several other Android theme launcher available in the Google Play Store. Free and paid!