10 Awesome Android Live Wallpapers – Free 2011

Android Live Wallpapaers for Free (Download/Install Top 10 Best) – Either on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or any Android, Nokia Symbian, Samsung, HTC, iPhone, iPad and more, the Concept of Wallpapers is an universal to Most Desktops, as well as Smartphones and Mobile Handsets.

Live Wallpapers for Android concept ? Did you know about Live Wallapapers. Actually, Android extends this concept one step furthur by letting you Set Dynamic content as Android Live Wallpaper. We already wrote an article on Top 10 Best Android Themes (ADW Launcher) . These Themes, Wallpapers are used to customize the looks of your Desktop or Smartphones Home Screen, as well as icons, Fonts and more.

Top 10 Best Android Live Wallpapaers – 2011

1. Pixel Rain Android Live Wallpapaer :

Pixel Rain Android Live Wallpaper

2. Plasma Color Android Free Live Wallapaper:

Free Android Live Wallpaper

3. Crazy Colors Free Android Live Wallpaper:

Crazy Color Android Live Wallpaper

4. Electric Plasma Android Live Wallpapaer:

Android Live Wallpaper "Electronic Plasma"

5. Rays of Light

Rays of L;ight Android Live Wallpaper

6. Flux

Flux Live Wallpaper for Android


7. Solar Wind

Solar Wind Android Free Live Wallpaper

8. 3D FireFlies

Android Live Wallpapers "3D Firefiles"

9. Hyperspace 3D

HyperSpace 3D Android Live Wallpapers

10. Celtic Garden Free

Android Free Live Wallpaper

How to Install Android Live Wallpapers : Video