You can already make a pre-order of Sony Xperia Z3 from T-Mobile in the United States for the last few weeks now, the carrier however offering it on their network, factory unlocked. The Xperia Z3 is now available through T-Mobile stores with Uncarrier plans, purchased for $26.25 a month over 24 months or for $630 […]

Amazon, the most popular e-commerce website has last month presented over 27 paid apps worth $135 free to download for Android users and once again started its offering. Valid until Saturday (November 1), in favor of celebrating the US festival of Halloween with 35 free Android apps worth over $115 (roughly Rs. 7,100). Free on […]

Lenovo although expanded its Yoga series of devices with the launch of 13.3-inch Yoga Tablet 2 Pro (Android), the 8-inch and the 10″ Yoga Tablet 2 with Android and Windows, alongside the 13.3″ Yoga 3 Pro with Windows. Now, the company has added yet another tablet, dubbed Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows 8.1. The Lenovo […]

On October 30, Skype released yet another updated version of its popular calling and messaging app for iPhone, which brings it to version 5.7. Now allows users to save or delete images they receive or send through the messaging app, right within a chat thread. Moreover, the official Skype 5.7 update, focused on the chat […]

Rovio’s tenth installation in the Angry Birds series game has launched, the Angry Birds Transformers for Android hits the Play Store, just a couple of days after launched for iOS. The creator however rolled out a different gameplay when compared to other Angry Birds themed games. Well, it has Autobirds, brave band of heroes that […]

Just a couple of days ago Oppo has introduced the world with a superslim 4mm phone called it “Oppo R5“, which is said to be the slimmest smartphone, but unfortunately they have missed their grip anyway. A new report surfaced featuring an even thinner smartphone is arriving. Which is going to have a tickness of […]

Phone directory application developers of Truecaller Caller ID has launched Truedialer for Android and Windows Phone handsets, which offers users details of a person before the outgoing call is connected. Truedialer for Windows Phone 8 rolled out a few months ago, but recently gets updated with realtime Caller ID featurefor WP 8.1 users, It replaces […]